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We have long-standing supplier relationships with international companies producing world class agricultural products. They have all been vetted for quality of product and service. We only partner with suppliers who are constantly keeping up with the latest technological developments in their field and who’s products comply with high safety standards.  

Spedo Mac.png


he Company was established by the Spedo Bothers in 1952, linked by their strong passion for agricolture. At the beninng, the factory was built in Villa Bartolomea, a small town not far from today’s industrial building. Right from the start, creativity and perseverance made them create and implement a range of agricultural machinery for sowing, ridging and harvesting potatoes.

Lisam mac.png


Lisam was established in 1967, in Imola, in the heart of the Romagna region. Working in the agricultural industry, we came to recognise the need for innovation in work tools. Lisam has exported its all-Italian technology across the globe to respond to the increasingly demanding needs of farmers in light of the constant and intense pace of technological evolution of the sector. Today Lisam is the only direct manufacturer of both manual and pneumatic pruning and harvesting systems.

Tifone Mac.png


Since 1955 TIFONE has been synonymous with quality in the design and manufacture of agricultural sprayers for use in orchards, vineyards, olive groves, nurseries, greenhouses and all horticultural crops in general.
The wide range of production includes various models of agricultural sprayers, tractor mounted and trailed, complete with numerous options that make TIFONE the ideal choice to satisfy every possible treatment need of all operators in the sector.

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Real involvement and constant development are the foundation on which the company MARCO has been building its business. MARCO was started in 1970 by Giovanni Marco Franceschini and today has a “state-of-the-art” factory in the field of automotive and marine products. In their plant of over 8,000 square meters they manufacture electric and air horns for cars, trucks and boats, as well as electric pumps for the transfer of various liquids. These products are manufactured using the most advanced production equipment, such as spectrum analysers, vibrating stands, and other sophisticated instrumentation, including an anechoic chamber, for the development and testing of products. T

Stagric mac.png


Guided by a solid business strategy, guided by growth, it has been committed since its foundation to offer consumers innovative and personalized solutions that allow them to enjoy all the technological advantages on their farms.Currently, more than 30 years after its foundation, Stagric is present in 17 countries on 5 continents, with products

technological features that stand out for their robustness, performance and price


Stocker Mac.png


Believing in innovation for us means making it available to our end customers to facilitate their work. In collaboration with institutes and professionals in the sector, we design and develop new products of great technical depth, with particular attention to the environmental aspect.

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GIANNI FERRARI - Officine BIEFFEBI group manufactures professional gardening machinery and has always been recognized for its innovation and quality.
The company plants are located in the heart of the industrial district that is internationally known as one of the most technologically advanced in the mechanics and hydraulics sectors. Our companies are equipped with cutting-edge mechanical equipment for production, extremely advanced welding robots, and presses for forming sheet metal.

Gianni Ferrari.clr.png
Vigolo Mac.png


The company Vigolo was founded in 1963 by Luigi Vigolo, resourceful entrepreneur from the province of Vicenza who, with his wife Francesca Guarda, still present in the company, was able to transform within a short time the starting activity of manufacturing on behalf of third parties into a successfully productive and commercial company. Already in 1964, the production of agricultural machinery was started with the construction of the first rotary hoes in Italy.



Cermag Spa was founded in 1989.Thanks to its EXPERIENCE Cermag plays today a leadership role in Italy and in over 60 countries around the World producing and wholesaling spare parts for agriculture and gardening machines.

Negri Mac.png


In 1991, Negri took its first steps in Campitello, near Mantua, in the Po Valley, whose name derives from the Po, the big river that runs through it. The company immediately acquired a relevant position in the national and international markets for the production of Bio-Shredders; garden equipment the firm has some exclusive patent of.

Cosmos Mac.png


Cosmo was established in 1986 and initially it manufactured a wide variety of farm equiment. In 1992 the decision was made to narrow the focus and specialise on fertilizer and salt spreaders. Focusing on spreaders allowed Cosmo to produce products at globally competitive prices and is the reason Cosmo is the largest spreader manufacturer in the world, exporting to more than 50 countries worldwide with a production of more than 25,000 units annually.

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